RTI’s 90th Anniversary Going Green! Video Competition


About the Contest

  1. About the Entries
    1. Contents
      Theme: RTI’s 90th Anniversary Going Green Video Competition
      The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to end poverty, combat climate change and protect the environment. As many countries around the world are facing those problems, RTI, an international broadcaster, is inviting listeners around the world to come up with ideas about ways of protecting the environment in daily life. Listeners are welcome to send us videos about ways they think the public can help make the world a better place.
      Winners will receive not only a cash prize, but also an opportunity to be covered in the global media. Furthermore, they will be invited to attend a sustainable development workshop to exchange views about environmental protection with distinguished journalists. The workshop is jointly sponsored by RTI and the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB).
    2. Organizer: Radio Taiwan International (RTI)
    3. Video Length:
      No more than 90 seconds (not including ending sequence)
    4. Format 16:9 Full HD, 1920×1080
    5. About the Videos
      1. Title: (Name of the video) × RTI’s Going Green!
      2. Ending: Include a creative ending with the lights turning off (see sample video )
        and the logo for “RTI’s Going Green!” (see attachment 1 )
    6. Filming
      1. Entries must include: one idea for protecting the environment in daily life; a creative ending with the lights turning off; and the “RTI’s Going Green” logo.
      2. No restrictions on style, format or filming equipment.
      3. Language: must be in Chinese and/or English
    7. Uploading Videos
      Participants must upload and set entries in “public” mode on YouTube and provide a link for the organizer. RTI will open a contest page on YouTube with qualified videos added to the page.
    8. Evaluation Criteria:
      Presentation (30%), creativity and aesthetics (30%), filming skills (20%), page views at the time of judging (20%).
  2. Eligibility
    1. There is no restriction on age or nationality.
    2. Entrants are liable for paying taxes on prize money, where applicable.
  3. Event Deadline
    1. Submissions will be accepted between now and Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 5:00pm. (Taipei Time)
    2. Winners will be announced on Friday, August 24, 2018.
    3. An award ceremony will be held on Thursday, September 27, 2018.


  • Prizes:
    1. Grand Prize: US$1,250 (NT$37,500), a certificate.
    2. 2nd Prize: US$1,000 (NT$30,000), a certificate.
    3. 3rd Prize: US$625 (NT$18,750), a certificate.
    4. Honorable Mention (10): a certificate.
    5. In addition to a cash prize and a certificate, the top three winners will also receive additional prizes worth NT$21,620. (*winners are responsible for taking out event-related insurance)
  • The additional prizes for the top three winners include:
    1. One night at a five-star hotel (Value: NT$15,000).
    2. An invitation to RTI’s 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner on Sept. 27 as a distinguished guest.
    3. The gala dinner on Sept. 27 will be held at a five-star hotel (value: NT$3,000).
    4. Invitation to an international workshop to exchange views with internationally distinguished journalists on Sept. 28.
    5. A Taipei Fun Pass for two days (value: NT$620– covers Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung).
    6. Airport pick-up from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (value: NT$3,000)
      1. Airport pick-up is only for foreign nationals living outside of Taiwan.
      2. Foreign nationals living in Taiwan and ROC citizens are entitled to items 1 to 5 mentioned above.
  • Winners must provide the following items:
    1. A shorter, 30-second video to be played at the symposium and the workshop.
    2. An agreement on the authorization of rights of likeness. (every individual filmed in the video must sign an agreement authorizing the use of their likeness)
    3. An agreement on the authorization and transfer of economic rights. (Every entrant must sign.)

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*Participants agree to provide RTI with their contact information. RTI guarantees that the information will not be used for other purposes, nor will RTI keep the information provided by those who do not receive an award, after the event ends. The information is simply used for verification and award notifications.

Participants' Videos

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Contest Rules

  1. There is no limit to the number of entries each participant can send, but do not submit the same entry more than once. Entries must be original. Do not copy and upload photos that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. Plagiarism is prohibited. Controversial ethnic, religious, political, cultural and gender-related issues should be avoided. Entries must not contain obscenity, violence, slander, personal attacks or involve intrusions into privacy, nor should they infringe upon social norms and public order, or violate the laws and regulations of the Republic of China (ROC). If any violations are found, the organizer has the right to directly remove entries without further notification. By submitting an entry, participants agree to authorize RTI to broadcast their videos on the RTI website.
  2. Only original works that have never been previously publicized in any form are accepted. Entrants must upload their videos to YouTube by the deadline. Videos that were uploaded prior to the announcement of this contest will be disqualified. Participants must guarantee that they own the entire copyright of their videos and that they do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. When using music and photos of others, participants must receive authorization and mark the music and photos when they appear in the video or at the end of the video.
    Entrants are fully responsible for any infringement upon intellectual property rights should a third party make claims. The organizer has nothing to do with any violations. The organizer also has the right to disqualify entrants from entering the competition.
  3. If a third party makes claim to the legality of an entry (e.g. with regard to right of likeness), the organizer has the right to disqualify the entrant for any prize and retract the prize if the claim is found true. Entrants assume legal responsibility for any copyright violations, and are responsible for all consequent losses of the organizer. The organizer does not have any legal responsibility in cases of copyright infringement.
  4. Participants own the moral rights of their entries, though the organizer is able to make use of related elements of their entries for publicity purposes. While participants own the copyright of their entries before winning a prize, they agree to transfer their copyrights (including, but not limited to the exclusive right to reproduce, present, broadcast, release, perform, display, revise, edit and rent) to the organizer after winning a prize, though they still keep their moral rights. The organizer has the right to use entries in an unlimited number of ways, regardless of time and place. The organizer can authorize a third party to use entries as well.
  5. The organizer only holds the right to use entries that do not receive awards for marketing and publicity at non-profit events. The organizer will contact entrants to negotiate a basic fee should the necessity to directly use their whole entries arise in the future.
  6. Winners will be announced on the RTI website. The organizer will contact winners by email within a week after the announcement about other requirements. These include a 30-second version of entries for preview, an agreement on the authorization of rights of likeness, and an agreement on the authorization and transfer of economic copyrights. Winners will forfeit their right to prizes if they fail to reply to the email two weeks after the announcement is made. The organizer will notify winners of the time and venue of the awards ceremony.
  7. Any prize and prize money must be awarded in accordance with Republic of China tax regulations.
    1. Residents will have a 10% income tax deducted from the total value of a prize for all prizes worth over NT$20,000. There is no need to file taxes on prizes that do not exceed NT$1,000 in value from a given organization within a single tax year.
    2. Non-resident foreign recipients of prizes and awards of any value are subject to a 20% tax. They must provide a copy of a valid ID, both front and back, and fill out a receipt. Recipients will automatically forfeit their right to receive their prize if they fail to do so.
  8. Cash prizes for foreign nationals living outside of Taiwan will be paid in US dollars, whereas prizes for ROC citizens and foreign nationals living in Taiwan will be paid in New Taiwan dollars. Winners must pay for any additional costs incurred, if any. (e.g. differences in exchange rates, and mailing fees)
  9. The organizer is not liable for any delay for sending prizes to an incorrect address, or for loss of, or damage to, the prize money or additional prizes due to recipients providing inaccurate information. Entrants are responsible for providing accurate information.
  10. The organizer has the right to cancel, terminate, postpone, and/or change the contest and prizes, or suspend the event. The organizer also has to right to make changes any time. RTI rules also apply to other relevant contest matters.